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A Conversation with Rebecca Fudge: Resnick Family Social Impact Fund Recipient

October 18, 2018
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Rebecca Fudge received funding for her project in the spring of 2018. ISEN recently caught up with her to learn how her work has progressed.

What is your current Northwestern affiliation?

I am a senior in Weinberg College studying Genetics, with a minor in Environmental Policy & Culture. 

 What did you hope to accomplish with funding from the Resnick Family Social Impact Program?

Over the past year, I have built a board game designed to teach high school students about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Funding from the Resnick Family Social Impact Program will enable me to prototype and ultimately manufacture the game to distribute to teachers.

two people standing together holding a colorful sign in front of a large castle like buildingHow did the funding help to advance your work?

This summer, I used the funding for several purposes. I tested the game with over 200 participants, and the funding helped me to produce a prototype of the game and to compensate participants. Throughout the summer, I improved the prototype of the game and the funding helped me to produce new versions of the game.

What is next for your initiative? 

My partner, Ronni, and I have just become residents at The Garage, which will give us access to legal and manufacturing resources as we continue to work on the game. We will be determining how best to sustainably produce the game as well as working with a lawyer to make sure we stay within the U.N.’s guidelines for use of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What advice may you have to students who are considering Resnick Family Social Impact Program funding or other funding to build their social enterprise?

I have found my experience with the Resnick Family Social Impact Program funding to be vitally important for the growth of my project! In fact, my work this summer would not have been possible without their grant. To anyone considering applying for funding, I would highly recommend setting up an appointment with anyone in the ISEN office—they have been so helpful to me throughout this process.

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