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Lab Facilities

The research facilities at the Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy and its affiliated centers play a vital role in supporting the Institute's position as a leading hub for energy and sustainability solutions.

Flex Lab

The Flex Lab brings together researchers in industry, academia, government, and non-governmental organizations to study the most pressing issues in sustainability and energy.

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GIANTFab Core Facility

The Glovebox Inert Atmosphere (N2) Thin-film Fabrication and Testing (GIANTFab) core facility at Northwestern University provides the equipment to manufacture and test thin-film devices without ever exposing them to air or water, allowing measurements of device performance unaffected by environmental degradation

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REACT Core Facility

The Reactor Engineering and Catalyst Testing (REACT) core facility at Northwestern University is dedicated to aiding students and investigators in the advancement of understanding the chemical properties of solid interfaces used for environmental and energy processes.

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