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A new video explains the Trienens Institute’s strategy and how it builds Northwestern’s sustainability and energy research, education, and engagement with speed, scale, and impact.


Plastics, Ecosystems, and Public Health

Our interdisciplinary teams of researchers are collaborating across institutions to address challenges related to the global use and accumulation of plastics.

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Sustainability and Energy Alumni

Learn how Northwestern graduates are developing innovative solutions to sustainability and energy challenges around the world.

Alumni Profiles

6:00PM | Norris University Center 1999 Campus Drive McCormick Auditorium Evanston IL 60208
12:00PM | Ryan Hall 2190 Campus Drive 4003 Evanston IL 60208

We Collaborate to Create a Global Impact

We partner with industry, nonprofits, universities, and government labs to pursue cutting-edge research and student engagement projects. We have state-of-the-art lab facilities designed for interdisciplinary collaboration.
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