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Graduate Cluster Fellows

From 2010 to 2020, the Trienens Institute administered an Interdisciplinary Graduate Cluster Fellowship in Energy and Sustainability, under the auspices of The Graduate School's Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative. It is one of seven TGS Science and Engineering Clusters.

Cluster Fellows are exceptional students possessing a broad spectrum of technical, natural, and social science backgrounds with deep interest in sustainability and energy. These Fellows support the Trienens Institute's mission to promote sustainability and energy research and innovation, education, outreach, and communication at Northwestern with local and national partner stakeholders.

Cluster Fellows also support the Trienens Institute's educational mandate by acting as teaching assistants, and they receive automatic placement into the Trienens Institute's required graduate core course sequence.

Students enrolled in any academic program associated with The Graduate School (TGS) at Northwestern University are eligible to apply. Cluster Fellows are awarded a full tuition scholarship and a stipend at the base TGS level for two of the three quarters (the stipend is expected to be increased by their graduate research advisers to the level guaranteed by their home graduate program).

At the time the Cluster award begins, the Fellows must have completed their first year as a graduate student at Northwestern. Ideally, at the start of the award period, Fellows are in their second year of graduate study. Students who are already supported by external funding are eligible to apply.

Past Cluster Fellows

Cluster Fellows represent academic leaders working across various disciplines within energy and sustainability including business, engineering, materials science, and chemical and biological engineering.

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