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2022 CMQT Symposium

April 21-22, 2022 | Hybrid

Dear Participants

The mission of the Center for Molecular Quantum Transduction (CMQT) is to develop the fundamental scientific understanding needed to carry out quantum-to-quantum transduction through a bottom up synthetic approach that imparts atomistic precision to quantum systems. Quantum transduction is the coherent exchange of information between quantum systems, such as photons and electron spins, and is essential for establishing coherent communications between quantum processing nodes and sensors.

On behalf of the Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) and CMQT, we are delighted to welcome you to the 2nd Annual CMQT Symposium.

We have an impressive group of speakers for this year’s Symposium, who are amongst the leaders in quantum information science and technology. These scientific leaders will present state-of-the-art approaches to novel quantum materials, measurements, and theory relevant to quantum transduction.

Please join us for the entire day, or just for one talk—whatever your schedule may permit. We hope that you will arrive with an open mind, ask questions while you are here, and leave feeling engaged and informed.


Michael R. Wasielewski
Clare Hamilton Hall Professor of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Director, CMQT
Executive Director, ISEN

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View the full program for the 2nd Annual CMQT Symposium.

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