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Flex Lab

Enabling Interdisciplinary Research in Sustainability and Energy

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About the Flex Lab

The Flex Lab at the Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy plays a vital role in supporting the institute's mission as a leading research hub for sustainability and energy. This state-of-the-art lab facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among scientists, engineers, economists, and policy experts from academia, industry, and the public sector. The customizable facilities are able to meet the diverse needs of the Institute’s research partners as together they make punctuated advancements in the fields of sustainability and energy.

What does the Flex Lab offer?

Located at the epicenter for interdisciplinary research at the university, the large, customizable space offers a variety of benefits to industry and university partner researchers.

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Flex Lab Specs

In addition to providing occupants with a fully equipped synthesis lab, the Institute's facilities contain a dedicated laser lab and two customizable flex labs that allow researchers to tailor the space to meet their unique project needs.

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Flex Lab Research Spotlights

Leading researchers are using the Institute's Flex Lab in their breakthrough investigations in the fields of sustainability and energy.

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