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About - Ubben Program for Climate and Carbon Science

The Ubben Program for Climate and Carbon Science at the Trienens Institute uses an interdisplinary approach to study climate system dynamics and develop solutions for climate and mitigation.

Climate change alters the viability of sustaining global systems including public health, economic development, and political-economic structures. Collaborative study and practical application are at the core of the Ubben Program for Climate and Carbon Science, which integrates science, engineering, business, policy, law, and communications from across Northwestern. The Program, which was announced in April 2017, is underwritten through the generous support of Northwestern Trustee Jeff Ubben (KSM '87) and his wife Laurie.

Program Objectives

  • Objective 1: Improve the mechanisms for understanding and predicting climate system dynamics under progressive anthropogenic forcing
  • Objective 2: Develop new approaches for climate adaptation and mitigation, including low- and zero-carbon energy solutions that avoid—and even capture and recycle—greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide
  • Objective 3: Analyze and implement effective public policy and business solutions concerning climate and carbon

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