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Glovebox Inert Atmosphere (N2) Thin-film Fabrication and Testing

Welcome to the GIANTFab Core Facility

The Glovebox Inert Atmosphere (N2) Thin-film Fabrication and Testing (GIANTFab) core facility at Northwestern University provides the equipment to manufacture and test thin-film devices without ever exposing them to air or water, allowing measurements of device performance unaffected by environmental degradation.

GIANTFab is located in Tech J415, within the university-wide Paula M. Trienens Institute for Sustainability and Energy.

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GIANTFab provides a range of equipment suitable for manufacturing thin films of optically and electronically active materials for solar cells, LEDs, and other electronic devices.

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Research Spotlight

Researchers from the Tobin Marks Group engage with the resources of the GIANTFab Lab to build on Northwestern’s legacy as a leader in solar energy discovery.

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