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Leveraging Big Data in the Hunt for a Climate Change Signal

Daniel Horton, a climate scientist and assistant professor in Northwestern's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, is using big data to answer big questions about Earth's atmosphere.

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Our Stories: ISEN Impact


Cleantech Startup for Water Sanitation

A team of Northwestern graduate students is developing a cleaner, more cost-effective method for water recycling


Energy Neutral Processes for Chemical Manufacturing

A Northwestern researcher may save enough energy to power 200,000 homes in the United States for a year


Academia Meets Advocacy

In downstate Illinois, Northwestern Law's Environmental Advocacy Center is engaged in an environmental legal battle with some of the largest corporations in the United States

CGI U Update: Caleigh Hernandez, CEO of Best Foot Forward

During her senior year at Northwestern, Caleigh Hernandez launched Best Foot Forward, a social business that empowers female African artisans working in the shoe industry. Fast forward one year and BFF supports 36 female and 6 male entrepreneurs. 


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Our Stories: ISEN Impact

Students Imagine A More Resilient Campus

Five graduate students in the Master of Engineering Management program conduct a preliminary make recommendations for a campus microgrid

Solar Fuels Reactor Launched in ISEN Labs

Northwestern researchers engineer a clean fuel source for the individual home 

Fixing the Global Food Waste Problem

Northwestern spinout company Hazel Technologies' FruitBrite technology extends the shelf life of produce by up to 400 percent

Meet Saumya (KSM '17), co-founder of Kheyti

Saumya is the inaugural award recipient of the Resnick Family Social Impact Program and co-founder of Kheyti, a social enterprise that delivers a low-cost, modular, and technologically-equipped greenhouse to smallholder farmers.


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Our Stories: ISEN Impact

Partnering for Clean Energy Innovation

The Northwestern-Exelon Master Research Agreement will center around a robust project portfolio, including grid management and resilience, energy storage and renewable technologies

House by Northwestern

Northwestern Students Design Sustainable Home for National Competition

Reinventing the Wheel 

Northwestern Researchers Develop Sustainable Rubber


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